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Selling Used Textile and Industrial Machinery

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Our Services

Dismantling and Loading and Shipping

Fixing Preparing

We fix with belts and prepare machines for shipping.

Pallet and Covering

We prepare pallets and cover with special materials the machinery. Under request of customer.

Loading on Containers

We prepare machinery for shipments by containers or by trucks.


After Shipments we support the customer for assembling. Under request of customer.

We are always here to support the customer before and after any deal .
We like to emphasize this.



Always consider that they are used machinery and may present problems, therefore the Customer is advised to inspect it to ascertain any problems with the used machinery which are his responsibility.

Why Work With Us

Benefit 1

Research for customers of the best used machinery in the World market.

Benefit 2

We can also offer you the transport service to your factory.

Benefit 3

We support you from the beginning of the negotiation until the arrival of the machinery.

Benefit 4

We like our job.

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Sectors in Textile Industries.

Brushing has the purpose of cleaning the fabric from surface impurities, lifting the fluff and uniform the direction of the hair, previously obtained in raising. The operation can be carried out at various stages of finishing: before topping, before decatising, before calendering. Sometimes brushing precedes steaming.
The Airo treatment gives both traditional and knitted fabrics, composed of natural, artificial and synthetic fibers, a fresh appearance, bulkiness and elasticity, guaranteeing a complete absence of folds. It can include washing and drying the pieces or simply drying them.


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